Branding Clothing Processes

We offer two popular options in-house to help brand your clothing & workwear. Embroidery and Heat Transfer Vinyl. Here's a little bit about each of the processes. 


Embroidered logos and designs are created through the process of stitching threads. To create an embroidered logo, the design first needs to be digitised using specialist embroidery software – the logo is essentially recreated using virtual stitches so that the embroidery machines know where to stich the physical threads. Once this process has been set up, the file is then ready to be used for production. 

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl is applied using a heat press to transfer the design across to garments. Designs can be created from plain coloured vinyl or printed digitally in full colour, then using our specialist software and plotting machine, we are able to cut almost any text or design from the rolls of material. The unwanted excess vinyl is removed manually, in a process called weeding, and then the design is ready to be positioned on the garment and pressed into place.

Which Option?

Both options are a great choice but each have their own qualities and one process may be more suitable than the other for certain fabrics.

For example, embroidery is more durable and the overall finish and feel can be perceived as more prestigious and higher quality than vinyl. However, vinyl can produce sharper details and cleaner lines than embroidery, especially with text.

Feel free to speak to one of our team to discuss your requirements or if you have any queries.
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